Wheel Alignments And Fundamental Auto Repair And Care


Hitting a speedbump a little too fast or backing up too hard into a curb might not be a reason to rush to a repair shop to check everything out. However, those not-uncommon bumps and other seemingly mild impacts could knock wheels out of alignment. When that happens, a driver may benefit from being alert to any signs of problems associated with misaligned wheels. Bringing the vehicle to a repair shop for service seems advisable when something's wrong with the car. Otherwise, additional maintenance and repairs might become necessary, adding to ownership costs.

Wheel and Tire Angles  

The manufacturer designs wheel angles to keep the tires in contact with the ground properly. When impact affects the angles, the connection with the road may change. Sometimes, this creates very slight alterations and how the vehicle handles. Other times, the problems could be more pronounced. There could be a small pull to the right or the left, or the pull could be pronounced. Either way, the vehicle is not operating appropriately, and a check appears warranted. 

Noticing Problems and Requesting a Check

When a driver notices any issue with the vehicle's performance, it seems advisable to have a technician measure the angles and perform an alignment if necessary. Sometimes, the problem may not necessarily lie with the wheels or tires, and an examination may uncover other factors affecting the handling. Addressing potential safety issues by promptly correcting the problem may prevent a road disaster.

Delaying a Wheel Alignment

During routine appointments, drivers may request wheel alignment inspections for oil changes or tire rotations. However, waiting six weeks for the next appointment could lead to safety issues and premature tire wear. Such an outcome could result in increased costs for tire replacement and potential body damage if the vehicle pulls in any direction and hits an object. It's important to address alignment issues promptly to ensure safe and cost-effective driving. Drivers should know that accidents resulting from ignoring routine maintenance could lead to legal troubles.

A Problematic Decision

Someone can skip getting a wheel alignment because they think the wheels may go out of alignment again soon. While this is possible, the wheels may remain in alignment without trouble. However, if the wheels are currently misaligned, it can cause various issues that come with misalignments.

If a current problem exists with the car, an owner could take steps to address it. A minor fix, such as a wheel alignment, may deliver a solution.

Visit a local shop, such as a BMW auto repair shop, today to learn more.  


5 July 2023

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