Are Your Valets Lacking Focus And Direction? How To Straighten Them Out!


You would think that working as a valet would be easy. The signs for the cost of valet parking are right there when customers pull up to the door. The valet takes the customer's keys, tags them, and then hands a claim ticket to the customer before driving the customers' car to the parking lot. Simple, right? Well, it certainly should be, but if your venue has valet parking, and your valets lack focus and direction, you need to do something about this.

12 August 2019

The Care And Feeding Of Your New Car


Purchasing a new car is exciting, whether it's your first time driving off of the lot enveloped in that new car smell or your tenth. There's something special about being the first owner of a vehicle, but it's also a major responsibility. If you want to make sure that your new car lasts you for years to come and retains as much of its value as possible, then there are steps you should take to ensure that that special glow doesn't wear off too soon.

16 July 2019

A Guide To Getting Paintless Dent Repair


When you are dealing with dents and dings in your vehicle, it's important to address this work and get it fixed as quickly as you can. The more options you explore, the easier it'll be to get your car back into its original condition. Nothing can ruin a day like going out to your vehicle and noticing that it has a huge dent in the body. Thankfully, you can look into getting help from a body shop in your area that offers paintless dent repair services whenever you need it.

15 June 2019

Interstate Relocation Of Vehicles


A car title transfer in any state is easy enough. The buyer gets the title from the seller and takes it to the DMV/DOT. The buyer pays the requisite fees and the title is printed up in the new owner's name. Except for a potentially lengthy wait, the only trouble you typically have is trying to make time to get to the DMV/DOT office.  What happens when you have to transfer a title to a vehicle in a different state?

20 May 2019

Four Reasons To Align Your Tires On A Regular Basis


Misaligned tires are tires that are not pointing parallel to each other, but are instead sitting on angles that cause them to either push towards or pull away from one another. Needless to say, tires that are pointing in different directions can have a significant impact on your entire vehicle. Knowing some of the downsides associated with misaligned tires, and how tire alignment can benefit your vehicle, can help you understand why you should have your tires realigned at regular intervals no matter what your driving habits are.

23 April 2019

Have A New Family Car? 4 Ways To Protect The Upholstery


If you've recently purchased a new family car, you're probably worried about the upholstery. That makes sense, especially since kids can wreak havoc on upholstery. While you're taking care of the necessary maintenance for your car, such as tune-ups and tire rotations, remember to take care of the inside of the car as well, especially the upholstery. Here are a few steps you need to take to protect your new upholstery.

8 March 2019

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vehicle Exhaust


Today, cars create more than 300 tons of carbon dioxide each year, and there is an increasing number of cars on the open road. When you don't take care of your car's exhaust, you're contributing too much pollution to the environment. What's more, your car is more likely to fail emissions tests, and your car can start to have performance issues if you don't take care of the exhaust.  The points in this article will make sure you are always equipped to care for your vehicle exhaust.

7 February 2019

2 Signs You Should See A Mechanic For A Brake Inspection


The brakes on your car should always be in good shape so you can stop in an emergency. The brake pads and other parts wear down gradually through frequent use and age, so they should be inspected, repaired, and replaced as needed. Having a brake inspection before a long road trip is a good idea so you know your brakes are suitable for a lot of driving and won't need work in an unfamiliar city.

10 December 2018

All Weather Performance: Four Auto Improvements for Better Performance in Any Driving Conditions


You always want your car to perform at its bests. The changes in weather can affect the performance of your car and you want to do improvements to minimalize these problems. During the winter months, you may want to consider options like using thinner fluids. During the summer months, you may want to use your fluids and summer cooling solutions. Here are some auto improvements for better performance. 1. Better Summer Performance with the Right Cooling Improvements

23 October 2018

Tips For Maintaining Your Vehicle's Transmission


Having the transmission go on your vehicle can be just as bad as having the engine seize. You can't operate the auto without a working transmission, and it is not going to be a cheap fix. However, if you take the time to properly maintain it, you should not have to worry about this part for as long as you own it. Here are a few tips to help you keep this important part of your vehicle in good working condition.

10 October 2018