Spotting the Warning Signs: Is Your Golf Cart’s Battery Going Out?


Golf carts are no longer exclusive to fairways, they've become a common sight in many communities as a preferred mode of transportation. But like any vehicle, they require regular maintenance. One key component that often gets overlooked is the battery.

So, how can you tell if your golf cart's battery is going out?

Signs of a Failing Golf Cart Battery

  • Reduced Speed and Power: The most obvious sign of a dying golf cart battery is a noticeable decrease in speed and power. If your golf cart isn't reaching its usual top speed or struggles on inclines, this could be an indication that your battery is not providing the necessary power.
  • Shortened Run Time: A healthy golf cart battery should allow for several hours of continuous use. However, if you notice that the battery drains faster than usual or doesn't hold a charge for long, it's likely nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Swollen Battery Case: Overcharging, overheating or old age can cause a golf cart battery to swell. A swollen battery case is a clear sign of a damaged battery that needs replacing.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion on the battery terminals can hinder the flow of electricity, affecting the performance of your golf cart. Regular cleaning can prevent corrosion but if it persists, it could signal a battery problem.
  • Dim Lights: If your golf cart's headlights are dimmer than usual, it might be because your battery is struggling to provide enough power.

Testing Your Golf Cart Battery

If you suspect your golf cart battery is failing, the best course of action is to test it. Here's a simple method:

After acquiring a voltmeter, fully charge your battery, and then disconnect it from the charger. Attach the voltmeter to the battery's terminals (positive lead to positive terminal, negative lead to negative terminal). A properly functioning battery should have a voltage reading that falls within the specified range for that particular battery. If the reading is lower, your battery may be failing.

Maintaining Your Golf Cart Battery

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your golf cart battery. This includes cleaning the terminals regularly to prevent corrosion, checking the water levels and adding distilled water if needed, and ensuring the battery is charged correctly.

However, even with perfect care, all batteries have a finite lifespan. If your battery is showing signs of failure, it's probably time to replace it.

Knowing the signs of a failing golf cart battery and acting promptly can save you from inconvenient breakdowns. Regular maintenance and testing can help keep your golf cart running smoothly, ensuring you can continue enjoying rides around the golf course or your community without worry.

Contact a local company to learn more about golf cart battery replacement.


31 July 2023

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