Great Tips For Hiring Mechanics To Work At Your Automotive Shop


If you run an automotive shop, eventually you'll need to bring more mechanics in to work. That's particularly true if you experience large growth periods and thus have more customers to serve. As long as you use these hiring tips, you can be happy with the new mechanics you bring into your current workforce.

See What Particular Services They Have Experience With

There are so many types of services that auto shops can offer customers today. Some of the major categories include body damage repair, preventative maintenance, performance tuning, and auto glass repairs. 

When looking to hire more mechanics to work for your shop, make sure you find out the exact auto-related services they have experience completing. Then you can focus on mechanics that fill in a gap that may currently be present. That will make these new mechanic hires all the more valuable to your operations right off the bat.

Review Their Formal Education

Before any mechanic starts working on vehicles around a shop, they ideally should have gone through some type of formal training. Maybe it was a technical trade school or an apprenticeship program that they enrolled in. Formal training equates to practical skills for fixing up and maintaining all sorts of vehicles.

Each mechanic candidate that applies to work at your auto shop should provide a resume, which will document the exact formal training they've had. Then you just need to review it to make sure you're focusing on candidates that are bringing a lot of practical skills and knowledge to the table. 

Use a Specialty Search Agency

Your shop doesn't have to do everything alone when trying to hire quality new mechanics. Specialty search agencies can be used to help you access high-quality mechanic candidates who have the best shot at working out in the long run.

As long as you tell them what you're looking for as far as projected salary, technical skills, and automotive training, a specialty search firm can quickly find you great candidates and even help you screen them if you want additional assistance. Then you can feel better about the remaining mechanic candidates left over at the end.

If you're looking to expand your auto shop and thus need to hire new mechanics, make sure you approach this search with attention to detail and patience. Then it will be feasible to hire talented mechanics who really start helping your auto-related operations. For more information, contact a company like Technician Find.


18 May 2022

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