3 Warning Signs That Your Transmission Fluid Is Leaking


If you have a problem with your vehicle, one potential cause could be transmission fluid leaking from the system. Here are some ways to identify a potential leak.

Warning Sign 1: Shifting Problems

The first problem you'll likely notice is that your car has problems shifting gears. The transmission requires fluid in order for the gears to shift smoothly, so a transmission that is lacking fluid is going to have problems shifting. It will start by gear shifts that feel a bit rough and gradually become more rough over time. If you ignore the problem, the transmission may even slip down to a lower gear while you're driving.

Warning Sign 2: Changing Coolant Color

You can also confirm if there is a problem with the transmission fluid leaking by looking at the color of the fluid. A common problem is when your transmission fluid gets mixed with the coolant, and can cause the fluid to turn into a light pink color. This will happen if your vehicle has an assembly that contains both transmission and engine coolant. When the seal between the two breaks down, the two fluids will mix together. The mixing of the fluids will also cause engine overheating, transmission flipping, and harsh shifting. All you need to do is open the vehicle's radiator cap to take a peak at what color the liquid inside has turned. If the coolant and transmission fluid have mixed, you will have to have the between the two seal fixed.

Warning Sign 3: Leaking Fluid

Another way to identify leaking transmission fluid is by spotting it beneath your vehicle after you have started it up. The transmission will start pumping fluid through the system when the engine starts, which can cause the fluid to start leaking pretty quickly if there are problems. A leak in the transmission lines has to go somewhere, and you should notice it pooling on the ground. 

The Solution

If you notice any of these problems with your transmission, it is worth taking your vehicle to a mechanic to have the transmission inspected. They'll be able to check the transmission for places where it can potentially be leaking fluid and let you know what the solution is to fix it. In extreme situations where the transmission has been ignored for quite some time, it may require rebuilding the transmission to get it back to normal. That's why it's important to act quickly when you see the warning signs to avoid a potentially expensive repair.


30 November 2019

Knowing the Early Signs of Car Trouble

After my car died and I was stranded on the freeway a few years back, I knew that I had to do what I could to avoid similar issues in the future. I began working hard to identify different issues with my car, so that I could prevent problems. I began working with a mechanic to get help, and he taught me a lot about going through my car and being able to evaluate different things that were problems. It was really interesting to explore the possibilities of different car failures, and before I knew it, I could tell when my car was struggling. Read more about the early signs of car trouble on my blog.