3 Reasons To Tint The Windows On Your Car


Window tinting looks nice on your car, but it also has some specific functions that benefit you and your car. Tinting can be a little difficult to do yourself, so having a pro install the tint will give you the best result and offer the following benefits.

1. Protecting Your Interior

One of the best reasons to install window tinting on your car's windows is to protect the interior of the car. The ultraviolet rays (UV) that the sun gives off are damaging to some of the interior components of your car. UV rays can fade the colors, cause materials to crack or wrinkle, and damage leather inside the car, and the glass magnifies the intensity of the UV rays as they pass through it. 

You spend a lot of money on a car when you buy one, and the last thing you want is to have the interior look bad because the car sits in the sun all day. Protecting the interior with sealers, conditioners, and other treatments can reduce the effects of the sun on the materials inside the car, but tinting the glass to reduce the amount of UV light getting inside is the most effective way to reduce potential damage. 

2. Privacy Inside Your Car

Many town cars and limos come with extremely dark tinting on the glass to protect the privacy of the people riding inside. If you want to add some privacy to your car, adding window tinting is an excellent option. In most areas, the law will not allow you to tint the glass as dark as a limo, but check the laws in your area, because you may be surprised how dark you can go. 

Working with a professional car tint shop will help keep you out of trouble. The installer at the shop should have a good understanding of the local laws regarding window tinting and will be able to tell you how much tint you can have on the windows and which ones you can apply tint to. 

3. Comfort Inside the Car

Nobody likes coming out of work or a store and getting into a hot car. The heat that builds up inside the car can be overwhelming, but tinting the glass will help to reduce the heat. If you live in the southwestern US, heat in your car can be a problem all year long, and trying to keep it cool inside even with the air conditioning on can be very difficult to do. These states often allow a little more tint than colder states, but check with the department of motor vehicles if you are not sure what the limitations are. 


6 November 2019

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