Are Your Valets Lacking Focus And Direction? How To Straighten Them Out!


You would think that working as a valet would be easy. The signs for the cost of valet parking are right there when customers pull up to the door. The valet takes the customer's keys, tags them, and then hands a claim ticket to the customer before driving the customers' car to the parking lot. Simple, right? Well, it certainly should be, but if your venue has valet parking, and your valets lack focus and direction, you need to do something about this. Here are all of your options.

Fire the Valets and Skip Offering Valet Parking

For your customers that love the valet parking, this probably would not be such a hot idea. Your valets may be quite upset about being fired as well. However, it would definitely end the issues and complaints you have been receiving about the valets and valet parking. When you are trying to get and keep a higher level of customer clientele, "killing" your valet parking is probably not the best option. On the flip side, the threat of losing their jobs might make the valets work better and act more professionally in the last few weeks that you have valet parking. 

Put the Valets Through a Specialized Training Program

Most valets are coming to you with little to no post-secondary (i.e., adult) education. They are not taking this job seriously, nor do they realize that the cars they are parking are valuable to the customers/clients, even if the valets are not familiar with car makes and models. There are special certification classes you can send your valets to and through so that they are better equipped to recognize the importance of the service they are providing and how to take good care of the vehicles they are parking. The only downside is that this training course is not offered everywhere, so not all valets will be able to attend such a certification program. 

Hire Event Valet Parking Managers

Valet parking managers are able to get right into their roles of managing the available valets for parking. The managers see to it that the valets are not slacking off and that each valet is being very careful with customer vehicles. They tag sets of keys and give customers their matching claim tickets so that there is no confusion about who owns what car. The managers are outsourced to you so that you only use their services for the busiest of nights, or when you have a very important event happening. They will keep your valet parking system running like a well-oiled machine. 

Reach out to an event valet parking management company to learn more.


12 August 2019

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