The Care And Feeding Of Your New Car


Purchasing a new car is exciting, whether it's your first time driving off of the lot enveloped in that new car smell or your tenth. There's something special about being the first owner of a vehicle, but it's also a major responsibility. If you want to make sure that your new car lasts you for years to come and retains as much of its value as possible, then there are steps you should take to ensure that that special glow doesn't wear off too soon. With the proper care, your car will still feel like new years into the future.

Make Use of Dealership Maintenance Programs

Most cars now come with hassle-free maintenance warranties. This usually covers oil changes and other basic maintenance items. Be sure to look through your owner's manual to discover your car's basic maintenance schedule and follow it as closely as possible. It can feel like frustrating to have to drive your car over to the dealership every five or ten thousand miles, but keeping up with maintenance in this way will help to ensure that your car keeps running like it did the day that you drove it off the lot. More importantly, it can help to guarantee that deferred maintenance won't cause costly repairs once you're no longer in your warranty period.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your car clean is about more than just vanity. When dirt and debris collect on the surface of a car, it can be eventually be rubbed into the paint where it can cause serious cosmetic damage. It's a good idea to thoroughly detail your car at least once a year. If you aren't comfortable with the more complex aspects of car detailing, then a good detail job usually only costs a few hundred dollars. In between detailing jobs, make sure to keep the paint regularly washed and waxed. Remember that many car dealerships offer cleaning and detailing services for their customers, so don't hesitate to ask at your dealership.

Don't Ignore Problems


Make sure to deal with any problems that crop up while your car is under warranty. Small noises, odd smells, or unusual driving behaviors can all be signs of serious trouble, and it makes sense to deal with these problems while the car is still covered by your manufacturer's warranty. If your car is approaching the end of its warranty, it can be a good idea to have the car inspected thoroughly. If you find any problems that are covered by your warranty, now is the time to look into obtaining auto services.


16 July 2019

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