Three Signs You're Overdue for an Oil Change


After fuel, engine oil is arguably the most important fluid that goes into your vehicle since it performs a few essential functions, such as lubricating and cooling down your engine and cleaning various components under the hood. Having inadequate amounts of oil, or oil that has been overused and is filled with dirt and other contaminants, can cause all sorts of problems for your engine—and the rest of your vehicle by extension. Understanding some of the signs associated with inadequate or improper oil can help you determine when you should talk to a mechanic about getting an oil change.

Rough Idles

One of the most common signs that your engine oil needs to be replaced is if you notice that your engine itself is operating roughly or creating a rumbling or banging sound while operating. This is caused by improper lubrication, either from a lack of oil or oil that is simply too dirty. As a result, your engine's moving parts will rub against each other much more than they are designed to, creating noise. This is more than a simple superficial annoyance; excessive friction over time can quickly cause structural damage to your engine and result in costly repairs.

Oil Color

You can also take a look at your engine oil directly to determine what condition it is in. The oil reservoir is usually located near the engine block, and you can remove the dipstick to see how much oil there is and what color it is. If the oil level is well below the marked minimum, you should add more oil in yourself. However, if the oil is physically black and does not feel slippery when you rub it between your fingers, it is old and in dire need of replacement. If this is the case, you should schedule an appointment with your mechanic right away.

Dark Exhaust

Another sign that you may need to have your oil changed and your engine inspected is if you find that the exhaust coming out of your vehicle is darkly colored. Dark smoke points to oil that is somehow leaking into your engine, which will then burn and create this black colored smoke. Not only does this mean that your fuel efficiency will be affected, but it also means that your vehicle will rapidly burn through its oil supply and will require more refills. Have a mechanic inspect your system to see where the leak is and what needs to be done before you have the oil changed or refilled.

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10 October 2018

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