Here's Why Your Truck Keeps Breaking Down


It's one thing for your truck to break down after a few months, but it's another thing entirely to be at the repair shop every other week. Such a high frequency of breakdowns usually points to a serious underlying issue that isn't being addressed.

The other factor to consider is whether it's the same component that keeps breaking down or whether it's random components inside your truck. When you face such issues, it's important to identify the main issue especially if the truck is relatively new.

Is Your Truck a Lemon?

A lemon is usually a vehicle that comes with many manufacturing defects. If you drive this type of vehicle, you're likely to experience frequent breakdowns which might occur in the same place or in different parts of the truck.

In many instances, you may find yourself to be the unlucky buyer who bought one of the few trucks of a particular model that had issues. However, there are instances where an entire model is plagued with such issues.

It's also possible for a used car to turn out to be a lemon. This is highly possible if the vehicle suffered a collision and was subjected to poor repairs.

How Keen Are You On Maintenance?

Trucks may seem to be very hardy, but like any other vehicle, they require regular maintenance to keep their components in good working order. Trucks, in particular, may be used to perform heavy-duty tasks. This means that their components may suffer a greater degree of wear and tear even over a short period.

It's no secret that many vehicle owners can be a little lax when it comes to the issue of maintenance. This means that their trucks' components can undergo a great deal of wear which can lead to random, frequent breakdowns at some point in the future. Take something simple like an oil change, for instance. If you don't keep an eye on service dates, the oil can get thick, making the engine work harder. This simple maintenance task could affect how long your engine lasts.

How Well Are Repairs Done?

You might be wondering what's wrong with your truck that causes it to keep breaking down when the problem is actually the quality of repairs done. Many cars will take frequent trips to and from repair shops simply because the person charged with the responsibility of handling repairs keeps doing a poor job.

When you hire the wrong person, many issues may not be adequately addressed, and this can lead to even further deterioration of your vehicle. Therefore, it's always a good idea to do extensive research on the truck repair shop that you plan on taking your truck.

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9 October 2018

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