How To Ensure Your Truck Has Plenty Of Power


Truck repair can be costly and can cause real delays for work or getting the kids off to school. Make sure it is well powered and always be ready to jump into action with the following tips.


Make sure you have good tires on your truck. Check that you have good tread all the way around all of the tyres. Good grip on the road means you are less likely to have any kind of accident. Also, check that they are inflated to the correct level. If they don't have the correct pressure in them, it actually requires more fuel to get the vehicle from point A to point B.

Regular Service

Having a professional service a vehicle actually makes the truck run more effectively and efficiently. Fuel filters are changed, and the many aspects of the vehicle are reviewed to ensure it's not only safe but also performing as it should be. Especially ensure that you get oil change service on the regular schedule to make sure you keep your engine in the best shape possible; this simple service contributes a lot to maintaining engine power.


Give your truck a super boost with a TerraClean which is a professional clean that goes through the length of the truck, cleaning all the way from the fuel injectors to the exhaust pipe. It reduces emissions and keeps your truck running smoothly.

Battery Power

Try to limit using the battery when the vehicle isn't running. It lowers the battery power and can result in there not being enough power to get the engine started.

Limit Short Journeys

Everyone has taken a journey in the car that they know they could have walked, but the weather was bad, or it was faster to just drive. The problem with this is that it actually shortens the life expectancy of the battery in any vehicle. It takes a lot of power to get a vehicle started and moving. By making short journeys, a vehicle uses more power than it generates and lowers the chances of it starting.

Limit Excess Weight

By carrying excess weight that you don't need, such as extra tool bags or junk that you've been meaning to throw out, it increases the amount of fuel used to move the truck. Lower both your fuel consumption and the amount of money it costs to run the truck by keeping only what you need in the truck for each journey. Sorry - that doesn't mean that the kids have to stay home when you go on vacation!

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2 October 2018

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