How To Make Sure The Work Done On Your Car Will Be Good


Looking around for an auto repair services provider may have you wondering how to tell which ones in the business are good and which might be better to avoid. Car repair work is a necessity of modern life for many people, and it's good to know that the technicians performing the job will be up to the task. These four tips will help you find the auto repair shop that's right for you.

ASE Certifications

The most widely recognized group of certifications in the industry is for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE certifications cover what are called the "core 8" of the business, including repairs to engines, transmissions, drive trains and axles, brake systems, electronics, heating and air conditioning, and performance. There is also a ninth one that covers auto diesel engine work. Once a technician has been certified in the core 8, they're eligible for an ASE Master certification.

If you end up dealing with a mechanic who isn't certified, you should take extra care to ask for references. Speak with your friends about who they prefer to go to when they require car repairs to be done.


Going to a car repair shop can get expensive fast, and you may need to set up a payment plan in order to cover your bill. If you have to do this, take the time to ask the manager or owner about liens, timelines, fees, and other requirements. Be aware that in the absence of a stated policy on any of these topics that you'll be subject to your state's common law remedies should you not complete a payment.


Take the time to check out how professional a business looks. Even if they don't allow folks into the garage area, take a peek and see if it looks clean and orderly. Note the appearance and the demeanor of each of the technicians too.


Asking about the parts that might be needed to do a job can give you some insights into how a shop is operated. Most companies have arrangements with parts suppliers that'll drop off components during the workday. You should ask questions about whether they use original equipment manufacturer parts, and how they cope with things like the lack of OEM components or even the unavailability of parts for older cars. Ask them to notify you if any difficulties come up while trying to get the right parts.


29 September 2018

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