Transmission Care Tips You Need To Know


A frequently overlooked component of a vehicle is the transmission. This is because the transmission doesn't need much maintenance when compared to other components of a vehicle, like tire pressure or engine oil. Unfortunately, neglecting your vehicle's transmission can cause a lot of problems. Here are some tips to make sure your transmission is working properly.

Check The Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid may not need to be regularly replaced, but you still need to check it. Every automatic transmission requires transmission fluid for the mechanical parts to be well lubricated. Without the proper amount of transmission fluid in the system, more heat will be generated and lead to the transmission failing prematurely.

That's why you want to check your transmission fluid when you check your oil. Make sure that it is not low, which means there is a leak somewhere in the transmission system. Also verify that the color of the fluid is not too dirty since it should be a bright pink color. Dark brown or black transmission fluid means that there is dirt in it, and very light-colored transmission fluid means that there is water in it.

Look Out For Problems

You can also tell something is wrong with your transmission due to hearing problems when on the road. You may notice a knocking sound as the engine automatically switches gears while accelerating or when switching between drive and reverse. Look for a transmission fluid puddle underneath your car after it has been parked, which is an indication of a leak.

If you notice a problem, have the vehicle inspected right away. Not visiting a mechanic will only put more wear on the transmission, and cause an even bigger repair that needs to be fixed.

Don't Tow Too Much Weight

Do you have a boat or trailer that you plan on towing with your vehicle? If so, know that not all vehicles are made equally in terms of towing capacity. Towing something that is too heavy can actually put strain on the transmission, which will cause it to overheat and break down.

Your vehicle's manual should specify how many pounds the car is able to pull safely. Always make sure that you are within the acceptable range of weight to avoid a potential problem with overheating.

These are just a few ways you can care for your transmission. Ask a mechanic at a transmission repair shop like AAA Commercial Transmission for more tips to help avoid problems in the future.


26 September 2018

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