The Maintenance Problems You Should Have A Professional Look At


There is something special about owning an RV and taking to the road for a vacation or even as a way of life. However, if you are traveling in an RV for extended periods of time, that vehicle is subjected to the elements and wear and tear. If you are mechanically inclined, it's possible that you could do some of the repairs yourself.

What maintenance problems should you have a professional take a look at? They might seem like easy fixes, but they could lead to more serious problems if not done correctly.

RV's Hoses and Valves

One maintenance issue that might arise is a problem with any one of the RV's hoses or valves. This could be the vehicle's cooling system, radiator hoses, coolant lines, gas lines, or air hoses. Any one of them could be damaged by extreme heat, excessive dry climates, such as the desert, or even by over time wear and tear.

You could also end up with problems in the vehicle's drinking water hoses or sewer connections. This could include the vehicle's waste disposal valves. If left unchecked, you could end up with leaking or even a blockage of solid waste.

If you are unsure of how to repair or maintain these systems on your own, then you need to seek out a professional before the problem becomes serious and damages your RV.

RV's Brakes

It is incredibly important to maintain the RV's braking system, and while you might have a feel for doing your own repairs, it is probably best to head to a service shop to have them looked at. This is because the majority of larger vehicles such as RVs use electric brakes or other types of hydraulic brakes.

A heavier vehicle will put a lot more pressure on a braking system, more than a car or SUV will. This could lead to a quicker weakening of the braking system. A professional can take a look at everything from the master cylinder to the brake shoe wear and can properly calibrate the rotors.

RV's Tires

It might be easy to let any tire problems your RV has go for extended periods of time. You might think, like with your car, that even tread-worn tires will last for a few months until they need to be replaced. This isn't always the case with a larger, heavier vehicle like an RV.

Instead of waiting until there is a problem, have your tires inspected by a service center at least once a season or once a year. Have your tires' tread checked before you head out on a vacation to ensure that they are fit and do not have any leaks or potential cracks in the rubber.  

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26 September 2018

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