Have A Little Chip In Your Windshield? 3 Things You Need To Know


If you have a little chip in your windshield, you want to take care of it sooner rather than later. It is important to always have an unobstructed view when you are driving.

#1 Some Chips Can Be Repaired

If you have a chip on your windshield, it may be possible to repair the chip without replacing your windshield. If the chip is not that deep or that wide, it may be possible for the windshield repair technicians to just fill it in. This is a nice and affordable option if you get your vehicle in quick enough. Keep in mind that temperature and movement can cause chips and cracks to spread. If the chip or crack spreads too much, you may not be able to repair it.

#2 Chip Repair Is Really Quick

Next, if you just have a chip that needs to be filled in, this is a really quick process. It can usually be accomplished in less than half an hour, and you will be on your way again. If your entire windshield needs to be replaced, that usually take about an hour and requires you not to drive your vehicle for a few hours afterwards in order to allow the glue and adhesives used in the process time to dry.

#3 Glass Work Is Backed Up with a Warranty

When you get your windshield either fixed or replaced, it should come with a warranty. If a chip is filled in, the warranty should cover taking care of the issue if the chip somehow expands after they fill it in. For a windshield replacement, the warranty should cover fixing the windshield if it ends up not being air and water tight or if the windshield develops other issues of fitness.

#4 You Can Use Your Insurance

One of the great things about fixing damage to your windshield is that you rarely have to pay for it out of pocket. Many glass companies will actually work directly with your insurance company. Many car insurance companies will fix your windshield without requiring you to pay a deductible, making this a really affordable service.

If your insurance will not cover the repairs, or you don't want to use the insurance, the glass company will come up with a quote with you. Auto glass repair is pretty affordable. How much it costs to replace your windshield depends on the make of your vehicle and if you want an original manufacture windshield or an aftermarket windshield.


26 September 2018

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